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Locally upholstering your furniture since 1988


  We have experience recovering all types of furnishings and restoration of antiques to refresh the look of your furniture! 

40 + years of experience & Never a complaint with the BBB

We consider all kinds of upholstery a form of art. With the client, being a part of the design, has earned us our highly recommended services to their friends.



*  Superior quality and workmanship.

*  Expert experienced knowledge about fabric and their applications.

*  A large selection of pattern books to choose from.

*  A firm quotation for each project.

*  Consultation to review the existing foams, padding and frame.

*  Residential, Recreational, Commercial, Industrial Fabrics and applications.

*  Foam replacements for Residential, and R.V. Cushions and "dry"cushioning for outdoor Patio applications.

*  Custom padding for Equine medical stalls, gates and steel structures,  fabrication and installation.

*  Equine wraps and Ice-boots.

*  Quad seats, Snowmobile and Ski-doo seats,  Boat seats and Antique Buggy seats.

*  Welding curtains and covers. 

*  R.V. Skirting.

*  UV Screening, Bug Screens and Winter-fronts.

*  Replacement Snaps , Buttons and Turn Fasteners.

*  Do-It-Yourself supplies for those who prefer the challenge.

A NOTE ABOUT 'SCOTCHGUARDING.'    Throughout the years, applying a 'fabric protector'  was thought to extend the life of fabrics by having spills bead up and soils repelled and having to be able to clean the furniture easier.  With the materials that the mills produce today, unless the fabrics are 'factory scotchguraded' it is NOT recommended that fabrics be treated with any  repellent.  These repellents have a tendency to break down the glues used in holding the fibres together and therefore the fabric eventually breaks down.  This can happen in as little as 5 years, giving you furniture that 'scruffy old look'.  Our fabric companies also void their warranty if the fabrics are treated outside of the factory.

We Care About the Attention to Detail


Your comfort and satisfaction is always our main concern.  We can restore your older furniture into new pieces of art  With new fabric and padding, we can bring your furniture back to its' original beauty.    Reassuring that repairs are of the best quality, all of the old materials are removed, your furniture is inspected and repaired as needed, and quality workmanship completed.

 With the size and quality of furniture today, not all of it works best in our homes or even fits our bodies for enjoyable relaxation.  Older furniture has the built in quality and most styles were make to fit our bodies, and not the large rooms that they occupy today.

Be Confident In Your Choice of Upholstery Specialists and your Custom Order


  Throughout the years in business, we have used our reputation and  skills as our advertising and our clients spread our talents through word of mouth.  WITH MANY THANKS! 

Customer Service  and Quality Workmanship is the key to both our success and longevity. 

 At Highwood Upholstery your satisfaction is our TOP PRIORITY!  

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1717 - 4th Avenue S.E., High River, AB T1V1W4, CA

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